Holistic Doctor

My Specializations

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing for me, is where two worlds meet; the physical world and the spiritual world. It is where incomprehensible miracles happen.


Talking; we do it all the time, but when a professional psychotherapist integrates therapy with shamanic healing, unforetold changes can occur.

Remote Acupuncture

Remote acupuncture happens on a spiritual level. I was first instructed on how to perform remote acupuncture in 2014 with amazing results.

Food As Medicine

Food is vital for our survival so it stands to reason that we should take care with the type of food or fuel that we put into our body. We need to eat to live not live to eat.                      “Let thy food be thy medicine”

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

About Me

I have worked in the alternative/complimentary field for over four decades which has taken me around the world creating many opportunities to bring healing into the lives of others. I have worked in many roles including as a professional counsellor for children, young people and adults, a massage therapist, yoga teacher, spa manager, minister, shaman and healer. I have also owned and managed a health and wholeness store which offered health foods, supplements, therapy and training in the Shamanic Arts and Reiki.


“Life does not always bring roses, and we may not always be able to control what life brings, but we can control our attitude towards it.”

~ Kenzo Amariyo

Your Health

          Your Life


Steps Towards Health


Eat A Healthy Diet

Be a conscious eater, not an emotional one.


Exercise Daily

Work with your body not against it.


Have Restful Sleep

Sleep is our time for rejuvenation.


Love Yourself

Nourish your body, mind and spirit.

"Well-being isn't just about how healthy our physical body is, it is about how well our whole being is; and although we often talk about the mind & soul as if they are individual aspects separate from our physical body, we must remember that each aspect of our being is part of the whole. There is no separateness other than what we create in our mind. True health, true well-being, happens on all levels."

Dr Kenzo Amariyo

“If the cells of your body could hear every word you said, and responded likewise, what would you look like? Be conscious of negative self talk, every seed you think and speak is watered. If you don't want lemons plant something sweet!”

Dr Kenzo Amariyo

“The unconscious mind is like the depth of the ocean; it can hold beautiful treasures and shipwrecks. Treasures and shipwrecks hold vital information for who we have been in the past and partly why we are who we are today. The unconscious mind is a gift that we must choose to discover. It takes courage, discipline and openness to hear the stories that have been woven into our being. Like a tapestry, each thread has value, the question is: Are you ready to open the gifts of your unconscious mind?”

Dr Kenzo Amariyo

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