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SINCE 1980

My interest in spiritual things (which is part of alternative medicine) started in my teens; I was fascinated with Edgar Cayce books and the idea that you could talk to the deceased. My grandmother was a known faith healer which also had a huge impact on my interest in the spiritual side of life; it was from talking to my grandmother that the seeds of healing were watered.

My interest in spiritual things grew over the years as did my thirst for other alternative medicine. At nineteen I trained as a massage therapist then a yoga instructor and over the years I expanded my knowledge with further training which has taken me around the world. I have been in the field for over four decades.

I believe strongly in healthy eating and the healing prospects of a Raw Diet which I have followed for nine years, I am now in my tenth year as I write this. As I take a holistic approach to life, this website is specifically geared towards the Health & Well-Being of the individual as a whole and its focus is on using Medicine for the Roots; healing often happens at surface level but to be truly healed, I believe the healing must happen at, or at least, encompass the roots.

I hope you enjoy what you find here and that it has a positive impact upon your life.

Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo

Dr. Kenzo Amariyo

A.D. PH.D.(A.M.)





“Just as your body journeyed into this world

It will journey out of this world.”

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

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Holistic Healing

Make the most of life, you don’t have to follow the crowd. Discover what your body, mind and spirit needs, meet those needs and enjoy peace of mind and a tranquil heart. Taking a Holistic approach to our health and well-being is the only intelligent way to live. We are multi-facet beings and we need to engage in activities that support all aspects of our being. Nutritious food, fresh air, exercise, relaxation and a spiritual purpose in life all work towards the whole and to the advancement of our soul.

We all need healing on one level or another and having worked as a Shaman and Healer for over two decades, I know only to well how trauma and grief can affect our entire being. I understand how we can carry trauma deep within the cells of our body which influences and shapes the bodies natural ability to be whole.

“The Effects of Shamanic Healing and Other Healing Practices”

A New Book for a New Way of Being

Raw Health Page

When we consume a raw (and preferably) organic diet, we consume high quality foods that gives us an abundance of enzymes to help keep our body clean and healthy.

Alkalinity & Health Page

When we eat foods that are raw and considered alkaline forming, we nourish our body even further; through urinalysis we can get an idea of which foods are best suited to our body.

My Approach


I take a holistic approach to food


Food can be a medicine


Food can raise our vibration


We should eat to live not live to eat


The quality of food is important

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