Pathways to Health

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine – one medicine, several names and misunderstood by many. Heal your roots today.

Food As Medicine

You can be a conscious eater or an emotional eater, the choice is yours. Let your food be your medicine.

The Healing Arts

Healing comes in many shapes and sizes. The true shaman/healer will tailor your healing for optimal results.

External Links

All external links are offered for information only. Sharing a link does not mean I endorse all that they say or do. Always use caution when visiting websites.

Don’t wait to make the shift to a more holistic approach

Don’t put off making the shift to a more holistic lifestyle. We so often stumble through life, many of us too busy to even enjoy the day, drinking copious cups of coffee, snacking on doughnuts and pizza and then wonder why we become stressed and often ill.

Our life and our body is precious, we must remember to give it the respect it needs. When we shift our focus to a more holistic approach, we start to feel better, think more clearly, we start to sense things that we don’t normally sense. When we open ourselves to the universe, to the greater consciousness – we have found our path.

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