Spiritual Healing

Starting Out with Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing and the Sources of Healing Energy

Spiritual Healing is an ancient art of healing. It is a system of healing that uses energy to bring health and wellbeing to all levels of the individual. Healing energy can be described as bio-electromagnetic energy because it seems to carry an electrical charge to have magnetism and to be produced naturally by the human body.

The sources of healing energy are broken down into three categories of healing energy:

1) Personal Energy – the energy generated by the body, also known as Chi or Ki.

2) Psychic Energy – This is the ability to focus the power of the mind and to direct and concentrate energy through thought.

3) Spiritual or Mystical Energy – With mystical energy you are working with God, Spirit, and the power of prayer. Here you are going beyond your own personal power and tapping into the power of the Universe.


The Aura

Everything in the universe is composed of energy and everything has an energy field around it. Plants, animals, minerals, trees, even humans have an energy field around them. This energy field, although invisible to the naked untrained eye, extends outward from the object and is called the aura or auric field. The aura in many ways is much like the earth’s atmosphere: densest closer to the surface, then becoming progressively less dense the farther it extends outward. All energy fields have many levels, just as the earth has many atmospheric levels.

In people, this energy field can be felt from one to three feet or more outwards from the physical body. Depending upon a person’s energy level and level of spiritual development the aura can extend outwards over 50 feet from the body. The energy of a great master or teacher can be felt at even greater distances. Most of the paintings of holy people, saints and spiritual leaders depict a bright glow around their bodies, especially their heads. This glow perfectly depicts a well-developed energy field or aura.

The aura can be detected in several ways, including thermography, aura readings, kirlian photography and dowsing devices. Each of these methods of detection confirms the existence of an aura around the body. Thermography is a traditional medical procedure that creates an exaggerated colour image by measuring the subtle heat patterns around the body. A healthy body emits a specific colour pattern. When a person is ill or diseased, distortions and dis-colourations in the colour pattern can be detected. These colour differences give clues to the degree and location of an illness such as cancer, long before it can be detected in the physical body by other traditional diagnostic methods.

Kirlian photography generates a specific type of photograph taken within an electrical field which helps capture distinct energy fields on film. This process is so sensitive that it will even pick up the ‘memory’ of phantom energy image of a limb that has recently been amputated or the image of the removed portion of a leaf that has recently been cut in half.

Dowsing rods and other dowsing devices also can be used to sense the auric field around the body. In the hands of an experienced dowser these devices are extremely accurate. Dowsing rods can also detect subtle shifts in someone’s energy field as their thinking changes. If they are thinking happy thoughts, the aura expands. When they are thinking negative thoughts or they are sick, sad, angry, or depressed, the energy field will contract.

Aura readings can also be done my those with psychic or intuitive sight. By reading breaks, distortions and dis-colourations in the energy field, some psychics can with a great deal of accuracy detect and predict what type of illness will develop, how soon it will occur and even estimate what its severity will be.

The aura can develop holes, breaks, tears, and areas of dark, stagnant energy, much like the smog, pollution and holes in the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere.

It is best if the auric field is periodically cleansed and mended, especially after a person has experienced a trauma, such as surgery or an accident. This will repair the breaks and tears that can cause energy disruptions, imbalances, and leakages.

We can strengthen our body and energy field through meditation, prayer, affirmations, good diet, and exercise. The energy field can be cleansed by receiving an aura cleansing or receiving healing work. You can also cleanse your own energy field by taking a hot bath with either a cup of apple cider vinegar or a cup of Epsom salts added to the bath water. These help to neutralise negative energy and to balance the energy field.

Activating Your Hands to Create an Energy Circle or Ring in Spiritual Healing 

To activate your hands in Spiritual Healing, you need to open a minor chakra which is found in the middle of each palm. When open, it allows healing energy to flow either into or out of the palm. These energy centres can be used to receive energy or send energy.

The left hand is for either receiving positive energy from the universe or drawing negative energy out of a person. The use of the left hand can change during a healing session. The right hand is for sending and directing energy. In terms of polarity, the left hand has a negative electrical charge, and the right hand has a positive charge.

Quite often, your hands will activate themselves naturally as you get ready and prepared to heal. You can rub your hands together or clap your hands to activate the energy although this is not necessary but may prove helpful until you develop your own approach to activating the flow of energy.

You can create an energy circle or ring in Spiritual Healing to create an energy flow. This can be accomplished with two people, even if neither one has ever had any previous experience of working with energy. Larger numbers of people also can create an energy circle or ring.

The participants should be comfortable on the floor or in chairs. It is possible to stand, but the process can continue for long periods of time and standing can be tiring.

Each person starts by activating their own energy. Then the left hand is held palm up to receive energy and the right hand is held palm down to send energy. If two people are doing this exercise, they face each other so that each right hand is directly above, but not touching, the partner’s left hand.

Choose one person to start the exercise. While the second person holds their hands stationary, the first person raises and lowers their hands, keeping 1 – 12 inches of space between the pairs of hands. Sense the energy building between your hands and your partner’s. How does the energy feel? Move each hand separately, first the right hand and then the left. Is there a difference in the way each hand senses the energy? Allow each person plenty of time to feel the energy. Then reverse roles and allow your partner to raise and lower their hands while you hold your hands still.

Next create a continuous energy circuit by having both partners send energy out from the right hand and receive energy with the left hand. This energy loop can be intensified through moving the energy visually. Sense the energy and see how strong an energy field you can create. This can be done in groups of any size.

The Hierarchy of Pain and Protection

Few of us were raised in a family that was consistently nurturing and supportive, providing us with unconditional love. All of us, to varying degrees, have suffered physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual anguish as a result of our childhood and life experiences.

We all have experienced pain, trauma, and disappointment. Some of us have been able to handle it better than others. As pain or disappointment increases in intensity, it becomes hurt, anger, rage and sometimes even terror. As the intensity of the pain and abuse increases, it becomes exceedingly difficult to stay open and loving, regardless of how much we might want to. At some point we are forced to choose between confronting our abusers and stopping the abuse or shutting down to protect ourselves, running away, going insane or dying. Few children growing up in homes where they experience trauma can confront and change their abusers or run away. Most learn to shut down at least some of their feelings in order to survive.

People take care of themselves as best they can. When faced with intense pain, ongoing stress, or a sudden shock we might, without even being consciously aware of what we are doing, shut down to protect ourselves. We might go into a state of shutdown when confronted with situations or issues in our life that we refuse to see, feel, or deal with, or when an experience is either too painful or too shocking to tolerate.

Anything overwhelming might cause us to shut down. Some examples include the death of a parent, brother, sister or even a pet, especially if this occurred when we were incredibly young. Other situations include moving to a new location, an accident, being sexually abused or being around someone who, in anger or rage, might be verbally or physically abusive. Any form of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual abuse can create feelings of shock, trauma, panic or abandonment, triggering a partial or complete shutdown.

This shutting down process is an automatic, instinctive survival mechanism of the body to avoid pain and to maintain the illusion of being in control. This survival mechanism is at least as strong as the more familiar ‘fight or flight’ mechanism. Unfortunately, this kind of protection also locks the negative energy into the body and literally can leave a person emotionally crippled at the age of the shutdown.

Some people have blocked out their inner sight and cannot visualize pictures or colours. This could be a form of shutting down and refusing to see the past because it was too painful for them. Others shut down their feelings and either do not feel their bodies or stay in their heads, intellectualising everything almost all the time. People who are shut down might tend to avoid or run from opportunities to work through their issues or may not even be aware that an issue exists.

Examples of people who are most likely to shut down include war veterans who have experienced tremendous trauma during battle (post-traumatic stress syndrome), adult children of alcoholics, victims of violent crime, victims of sexual and emotional abuse, battered spouses, people who grew up in a very dysfunctional family and stressed-out business executives. Although the situations are different, the procedure for working with these people is almost identical.

Shut down/numb/no emotions expressed = energy stuck/frozen.

If a person is in touch with their feelings, it is relatively easy to assist with the healing process. In situations where someone has partially or totally shutdown, the work of the healer is much more challenging.

It takes a lot of energy to remain shut down. The person might feel depression or fatigue or be numb to life. They might also have employed the use of food, drugs, alcohol, anger, overwork, violence, or sex to mask or suppress their true feelings.

Whenever an individual has been closed or numb in an area for a long time, they have stored up a lot of emotions. A person who is shut down has a tremendous lid on their feelings and will not allow their true emotions to surface. This total control can be effective for short periods of time, but as the pressure builds and/or the person starts to relax and open, even a little, this lid begins to crack. As this happens, the uncontrolled emotions might erupt with an intensity that is out of proportion to the current situation that seems to have triggered them. This kind of release tends to frighten both the person experiencing these intense emotions and everyone around them. Unfortunately, the first instinct is to shut down again or at least to try to, so that they maintain some semblance of control.

The secret of healing is to encourage the person to feel as much of their pain, anger, and other suppressed emotions as they can. The more support the person is willing to receive form the healer while going through this healing process, the easier the process will be. Many times, people have cried – sometimes hysterically – for long periods of time after coming out of shutdown and experiencing their feelings. Once this barrier has been penetrated and removed, the possibility for tremendous healing and change exists.

Aspects of the Mind

The three main aspects of the mind are:

1) The Conscious Mind

2) The Subconscious Mind

3) The Super-Conscious Mind

The Conscious Mind is known as the gatekeeper that creates and contains all our attitudes and belief systems and is responsible for reviewing and classifying everything we experience.

The Subconscious Mind operates like a video tape that contains the pure data of every instant of our life. It accepts all information without judgement or emotional charge and is capable of total recall.

The Super-Conscious Mind is what we call the God mind. This is the part of us that is connected directly to God, the Universal Life Force energy. Through the super conscious all the information and knowledge of the universe is readily available.

Qualities of a Good Healer

Qualities which enhance a healer’s ability to create rapport and assist in the healing process include patience, trusts and faith. These qualities apply both to how the healer feels about himself or herself and to how they relate to the person being assisted. Patience is the ability to slow down, when necessary, to match the pace most comfortable to the person receiving the healing. Trust allows the healer to continue the healing session even when energy shifts are not readily apparent. Faith in a power greater that the healer’s personal energy invites support and assistance from the universal source. All these skills develop over time. Please have patience with yourself, trust the learning process and have the faith that you are being divinely guided.

The ability to clearly observe details about someone’s body – skin colour, skin temperature, posture, and other indicators – is a valuable tool for gaining insight into their self-image, level of self-esteem and what they are currently experiencing. Another asset is the skill and sensitivity to ask questions that will help a person to get in touch with their feelings. Skilled healers are proficient in the art of listening, not only to what is said, but also to what is not said.

Some healers are motivated by a desire to help fix or change other people. It is extremely important for healers to keep their own issues separate from the issues of those they work with. Most successful healers continue to focus on healing their own issues and make sure that they continue their healing process. When doing healing work, pray for clarity and ask that the healing be done for the highest good of all concerned.

Find your balance,

energy & happiness the natural way.

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