The Healing Arts

Healing comes in many shapes and forms, this section looks at a handful of healing practices and how they can bring peace and well-being into our lives. Often, different healing practices work together to bring healing on different levels; and what works for one may not work for another.

One vital aspect of a successful healing session is your trust in your healer and their experience.

Many people believe that healing is a gift and so should be given freely; whilst that sounds like a wonderful idea we must not lose site that often the things that are given freely are often taken for granted and not held in much regard. If your therapist or practitioner offers you some free sessions, show deep gratitude but also remember that even the best healer still has living expenses and still needs to eat.

There is something to be said for having to work for what you want. The idea of ‘freely give, freely receive’ also applies to your attitude towards your healer. Give because you value what you are about to receive.

Healing is energy and energy needs to be fairly exchanged.

The Healing Arts

Shamanic Healing


Spiritual Healing
Munay-Ki Healing Rites
Remote Healing


We are All Spirit Beings

We are all spirit beings, we all have a spirit that survives after our body has completed this cycle of life, I believe our body dies, but our spirit continues on.

With modern day living and all the stresses that come with it, we can get drawn away from our connection with our inner self, our spirit self, with our connection to the greater universe. We can become so caught up in our ever day life and turmoil that we forget who and what we are, we forget our calling in life, why we have been placed on this earth.

I believe we have all been placed on this earth, not just to learn survival but more importantly, I believe that we have all been placed on this earth to evolve, to evolve into the spiritual people we are meant to be; fully connected with ourselves and in full recognition that we are in fact, all part of the same source. We are one, many drops of the same ocean, we are many branches of the same tree.

Our up-bringing, our parental messages, our beliefs, our culture can all act as a stumbling block to us being and feeling that connection with our true self; we would all do well to remember the main point of our journey on this earth is to journey within, to re-discover ourselves as spirit beings.

I believe that it is from what we achieve spiritually whilst on earth that decides where we go or what we do when we die. I do not believe in a physical Heaven and Hell, for me, they are internal states of mind and being.

For me, as I understand things, we all attain different levels of spirituality whilst on the earth and after the death of the body, each persons’ spirit will return from where it came and will continue to either evolve and possibly reincarnate or remain in the spirit world to help others.

Reincarnations offer further opportunity to  evolve spiritually throughout each life time and I believe that once you attain a certain level of spirituality, a certain level of greater consciousness, you are able to remain in the spiritual dimension and work as a guide for those on the earth plane.

Many wise and wonderful people have travelled this road before us such as the ancient ones. They have walked this road, gained the necessary wisdom and in-sight, they have found their inner connection, and are there for us to seek guidance from, some of their knowledge and wisdom has been passed on from generation to generation.

When someone dies in my family I always bid them farewell and a safe trip, this reminds me that all though they have gone in the physical realm, they are still living and well.

For me, when we die, there is a guiding light to assist our spirit into a new dimension, I believe our spirit enters a different sphere. I believe that if the spirit does not follow that light, it is in danger of becoming earth bound, trapped in the earth’s atmosphere and is left wandering, not forever but for a time.

In my experience, sometimes negative spirits become earthbound and sometimes cause disturbances and create negative feelings in places. I have encountered such spirits, some of which have wanted to harm me. (You can read about those experiences in my book: True Ghost Stories)

I also believe that when a person takes their own life, it opens a spiritual doorway for negative spirits to enter, this I have also experienced.

But this is only my belief, my opinion, it does not mean that this is how it is, nor does it render your beliefs invalid. It just means that this is how it is for me, at the moment and in the future, I may learn or experience something else which may change that view.

I feel opinions and beliefs should be fluid, not set in stone, but able to change as each one of us grows, evolves and finds the right path for our lives after-all;

“We all walk the same circle of life, we just stand on different spokes of the wheel.”

We all start at the same place (birth) and head in the same direction, which is back to the centre, back towards our creator.

With my personal experience of seeing and feeling spirit beings, it makes it so more credible that there is life after death and there are beautiful souls, beautiful spirits waiting and desiring to help us on our journey through life.

“Dear Kenzo – Your counselling and shamanic healing are like none other. I appreciate your experience and knowledge and the way you have helped me to find my true self. It has been a life changing experience” – Peter

“Dear Dr. Amariyo – Thank you, thank you so much, I changed my life around with your help. I couldn’t have done it without you. You taught me so much about myself and enabled me to move on. For that I will be forever grateful” – S. Bell

“Dear doctor Kenzo I just wanted to say how much I have needed your tough love!! It wasn’t easy at the time, but I can see now that I needed it. Wish I’d met you sooner. I wish you all the best” – Janice K

My Approach


I take a holistic perspective


I create a safe environment


Confidentiality is paramount


You need to be open to change


I combine shamanic healing with integrative counselling

We Are Energy

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