“I come from a family that has had various cancers over the years and based on that, the type of cancers and my limited knowledge of genetics, coupled with my personal past experience, I believe it places me at a predisposition to cancer manifesting within my body. I seem to be one of the small percentage of people that is genetically predisposed to the disease; and if I am, then I need to live my life consciously, knowing that I must take a preventative approach to life in order to try and keep cancer or any other illness for that matter at bay. On top of this, my age is now also a contributing factor to the raised possibility of having other cancers develop, cancers that are not necessarily linked to genetics.

According to (Is Cancer a Genetic Disease?, 2016) Cancer is the most common human genetic disease. The transition from a normal cell to a malignant cancer is driven by changes to a cell’s DNA, also known as mutations……Mutations can accumulate over many years before a cell becomes cancerous. This is why most types of cancer are more common in older people……Uncontrolled cell growth is the hallmark of cancer……Some individuals inherit a predisposition to certain cancers…….As a result, patients are often diagnosed with cancer at a younger age compared to those who are not predisposed and the cancer will tend to ‘run’ in the family…… Predisposing mutations often affect genes involved in DNA repair and the regulation of cell division and growth. Individuals predisposed to cancer often develop multiple tumours. In general, fewer new mutations are required for the cancer to develop than in individuals that are not predisposed..


There are possibly five cancer types in my family that come as inherited genes so I am always on the lookout for subtle changes in my body. Many would see this as a curse, I choose to see this as an opportunity for me to look deeper into my being and learn and hopefully continue to find a way through in order to help myself and others.

Although we can’t always change our environment, there are some things we can change, some things which are said to affect the development of cancer such as smoking, alcohol and our diet. Throughout my life I have always been diet conscious and always ensured that I ate what was considered to be a healthy diet. Yet, despite an active and healthy lifestyle, in 1997 aged only 35 years and after years of difficult menses, I was told I was pre-cancerous for cervical AND uterine cancer. The only thing that seemed fine were my ovaries; so I took the advice of my specialist and underwent a hysterectomy in order to remove a precancerous cervix and uterus, my uterus was riddled with precancerous polyps.” – Urinalysis, Alkalinity & Well-Being

My entire life has been one long journey, it has always been an unravelling experience, looking deeper and deeper. One of the biggest changes I was led to in my life was to eat raw food. I believe it is this that has kept cancer at bay and although I can’t prove it, and I actually don’t need to prove it because I’m not trying to prove anything but share my journey, I know it is right for me. I know deep in my spirit that this is the key to a healthy life for me. On 31st May 2012 I went to bed as normal and a still quiet voice told me that I needed to eat raw food. From the next day, that was it, I switched, completely to raw and remained on a 100% raw food diet for along time. It was hard, all around me were eating ‘normally’ the smells of cooked food were an enticement from hell, but I felt amazing. But I won’t lie, going out was a problem, eating at other people’s places was a problem so I started to slacken off for my own enjoyment and to make things easier. When I was overseas looking to get a double mastectomy, I had to really work hard to find what I needed.It did take something away from the enjoyment of food on one level because I was never eating the same as those around me. I wasn’t ‘enjoying’ that same meal that looked and smelt so amazing. Now, I take one day a week, usually a Sunday where I eat whatever I like. I don’t binge I just give myself permission to eat what I now call rubbish. It has been an amazing experience and I could never go back to normal food, I know it would be detrimental to my health and I just wouldn’t enjoy it now. Since then, I have also been guided to focus on the acidity of foods, so there is now a new dimension to the way I eat, and yes it is very limiting but at the end of the day, diet was very limiting for forages too.

We all need to find what is right for us and we need to eat to live not live to eat.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo