When our body is out of sync, we must take out the time to find out why. But asking ‘why‘ isn’t enough, we have to be willing to hear and act on the information given. A few weeks ago I was shown the spiritual cause of my current mobility issues. I listened and acted on it. I believe everything has its time and often other things need to happen before that time arrives. I am sure many people wonder why, if I have spent so many years in the healing field, helping others, have I ended up in a wheelchair. My answer would simply be, there is a reason for all things, sometimes we know those reasons, sometimes we have directly or indirectly created them ourselves, sometimes I believe things happen because they are meant to happen.

Being in a wheelchair for these last four years has been an amazing opportunity for me to see and feel first hand how people with disabilities live, cope, manage and simply feel. It has been a difficult journey in many ways, but I have always said the ‘silver lining’ of my disability is that it has provided me with the silence, the stillness and the time to write; which makes the whole scenario sound somewhat wonderful, it has not been wonderful. Other than these last four years being filled with doctors appointments, consultants appointments, X-Rays, an MRI, a Radioactive MRI, a DEXA Scan, Nerve Testing, several Abdominal Scans and multiple blood tests including tests for Cancer, I have lost so much. Over these last few years, I have lost much of my independence, my freedom to do what and when I would like, the simple joys in life such as walking, dancing, riding, cycling and driving to say the least. I have even lost the ability to practice yoga, not that my flexibility has gone, but the neurological issues I have will not permit me to stretch like I have since I was eighteen. It has been a time of great loss and filled with much physical pain.

However, a few weeks ago, in the stillness of time, I was taken back to a past life, I had already journeyed there a few years ago, I had dealt with much of the loss and grief that I had felt from that past life but I was not aware that that part of my journey had not finished; nor was I aware at that time that that life was the root cause of my neurological disorder. This time around, I was also shown how events in this life had been magnified because of the remaining trauma and loss from this particular past life. It was an incredibly painful event and re-living it in order to heal and move on was not an easy task; but it needed to happen. I was shown how certain events in this life where necessary in order to bring the past life feelings to the surface in order to be healed. I am healed, at least of the past life trauma, how long it will take my body to recover, who knows, will it completely recover? That is a question I cannot answer, time will tell, all I can do is continue to be open to the healing powers of the Universe, the healing power of God, Christ, that Divine Source, call it what you may, follow the guidance and just see what happens.

Likewise, I encourage you all to enter onto a spiritual journey if you are not already and to enter into the silence of time so that you too, may receive all that you need to hear.


Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo